An inspiring story of hope and perseverance.

A testament to the power of faith.

From executive leadership and emerging growth conferences to faith-based events, I weave together my own triumph-over-adversity story with the actionable advice that will empower your audience to overcome challenges and achieve more.



The Power of Choices


We all make mistakes. With our eyes intently focused on our future dreams and aspirations, a moment of inattention or a lapse in judgment changes the course of our lives forever.

We may stumble. We may lose our path. But, it’s when we lose heart, when we grow numb, and when we lose the inspiration to learn and grow, that we face the real danger.

In The Power of Choices, I’ll share my own life-defining moment, as well as what I learned about myself when I faced the consequences of my mistake head-on. Through my story, I’ll underscore the importance of accountability and introduce the choices your audience must make to achieve greater clarity, balance, and purpose as they strive to become who they were truly meant to be.


Accidental Faith


My dad wasn’t just a father figure; he was my best friend. We shared common interests and relished in sharing those experiences together—experiences like hunting. And, drinking.

On the drive home from a hunting trip with my dad in 1998, I lost control of my vehicle and slammed into a moving train. I was unconscious and barely alive. My dad—he didn’t make it. To describe the event as the deepest, darkest reaches of Hell on Earth simply cannot convey the depths of my despair. However, facing down this adversity gave me a sense of fulfillment, unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. And, it was in my painful climb out of the darkness, that I found my faith.

In Accidental Faith, I’ll share my personal story of perseverance, hope, and faith—helping your audience tap into their own dark moments as sources of energy and motivation, rather than burdens and guilt.


Convict to CEO


We’ve all heard countless CEO-turned-convict stories. My own journey from convict to CEO, however, is far more uncommon.

After my conviction for vehicular manslaughter, I was able to continue my career at Lawson Software, commuting each day from my jail cell to the office, and back—ultimately rising to the position of CEO.

In Convict to CEO, I’ll share my story of perseverance and achieving against all odds. And, by helping your audience understand the power of choice, I’ll help them create a clear and compelling purpose that will serve as their own unstoppable motivation.


“Jay has truly lived through each one of his Five Bold Choices; his ability to transform these experiences into coaching and speaking that can change the direction of a person’s life is indeed rare.”



Jay Coughlan inspires audiences across the country.

Sharing my story not only with CEOs but with leadership and faith-based audiences, as well, I embrace the opportunity to share my hard-won insight with others.

My previous keynote addresses include MobCon, High Tech Prayer Breakfast, and the Crown College Commencement Address.





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“Jay is a walking, talking paradox. He is as intense an individual as I’ve ever met, yet compassionate. He is achievement-driven, yet forgiving. He is a polished professional, yet still has the spirit of a street-wise working man. He’s able to put all of this together with a speaking and coaching style that makes everyone in the room want to reach all of their life goals — yet do it while caring for people and never missing what is most important in life.

When you sit in the audience, Jay looks straight into your eyes and speaks to your heart, mind, and gut.”