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Trusted, seasoned CEO coaching for the emerging growth company leader.


Daunting expectations.


Extreme urgency.


Incredible challenges.


Constant change.


We both know there’s no path to the CEO position that can adequately prepare you for the demands of the job. Not only do you face intense pressure, but you may also feel you have nowhere to turn for careful guidance and a trusted ear.

That’s why new CEOs—and CEOs facing new challenges—turn to me.

Without any agenda, I’ll sit squarely in your corner and help you realize your ambition, just as others did for me.


“If you ask any successful businessperson, they will always (say they) have had a great mentor at some point along the road.”

- richard branson


lean on Jay’s deep experience and keen eye.


catapult your success forward.


I led two highly successful, emerging growth companies as CEO. I also overcame tremendous personal and professional adversity to achieve that success. Meaning, I have an acute understanding of both how to navigate the challenges you face as CEO—and how to forge a path to achievement no matter the odds.

As your CEO advisor, I’ll help you find clarity, identify possibility, and manage complexity in a way that’s sustainable—and that drives your achievement at work, at home, and within your community.



Jay coughlan:

From adversity to achievement.

When I took the helm at Lawson Software, my excitement was boundless. Stepping into the CEO role marked the start of a new journey—and one that was paved with endless possibility.

It provoked a lot of questions, however—and I didn’t always have the answers.

What I did have were exceptional mentors.

Jay has guided me through a difficult transition in my business with steady pluck, while constantly reminding me of the importance of spiritual grounding and balance.

His personal story from the depths of despair to Fortune 500 boardrooms not only inspires us but reminds us that no matter what seemingly unforgivably misstep we’ve made in our lives, it can make you stronger.
— Dan Buettner, National Geographic Fellow and three-time New York Times Bestselling author