An inspiring story.

A practical achievement framework.

Like you, I began my career with ambitions of personal and professional success. On my climb to CEO, however, I was involved in a DUI accident that took the life of my father. Facing what seemed like insurmountable challenges at the time, I held onto hope and faith—and created a practical framework that enabled me to not only persevere but to achieve tremendous success.

Whether you’re a current CEO or a future business leader, you’re regularly confronted by new challenges—both personal and professional.

In partnership with best-selling author, Larry Julian, I map out the five bold choices that will help you break free from obstacles and realize your untapped potential.


“Authentic and inspirational. Jay provides a practical framework for making disciplined decisions, aligned with the life you desire while being personally transparent to others.”

- Michael W. Gustafson

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“Jay’s compelling story is the backdrop used to motivate the reader to step out and make bold choices. Jay and Larry are public figures who are vulnerable, everyday people just like us. If they can move from adversity to success so can we!

A must read!”

- Dr. pisoni